Searching family abroad

Are you trying to find your biological parent(s), your siblings or half-siblings or your child abroad?

If you are living in the Netherlands, you may contact Stichting Ambulante Fiom. They will assign a social worker to guide you. The social worker will call in our assistance to locate and to make the initial contact with the parents, children, siblings or half-siblings you wish to find.

If you are living abroad, you may contact the ISS branch of your country. For contact details please visit

For professional services and social work organisations it is possible to approach us directly for search actions on behalf of their clients.
We are able to help you find relatives (blood relations) as far as twice removed:

first remove: your (adoptive) parents, your (adopted) children,
second remove: your grandparents, your grandchildren, your siblings and half-siblings.
We can help you in both adoption-related and other search actions.
You will be asked to share in the costs of search actions. The amount of your contribution will depend on the specific country where the search action is to be undertaken.