Required time

The time necessary to deal with a request strongly depends on the request’s nature, the completeness of the available information or the lack thereof and the local circumstances abroad. Generally, ISS Netherlands indicates it will take up to several months for a report to be completed. This is, however, a rough estimate. The time required for preparing the request depends on the language in which the request has to be sent and the quantity of information you provide. Following your organization’s payment for ISS’ services, we will send the request to the ISS department abroad within a few days. This department then engages local authorities to conduct the investigation. The priority given to this investigation by the authorities depends on the seriousness of the concerns and the authorities’ work load at that time. The time required for the investigation depends on the findings that come up during the investigation.

If your case is an emergency, please contact ISS Netherlands by telephone. In case there are valid reasons to treat the request as an emergency, ISS Netherlands may decide to send the request abroad ahead of the payment of our invoice to be settled by your organization. We will ask the authority abroad to deal with the case urgently. You will, however, only receive the report once the invoice for ISS’ services has been paid.


ISS Netherlands charges a fee depending on the nature and scope of the request and the country to which the request relates. The fee currently amounts up to a maximum of 525 euros.

Translations to and from English and Spanish are free of charge for documents of up to 8 pages. If more than 8 pages have to be translated, for example the report from abroad, we charge 80 euros per page.

ISS Netherlands submits translations to and from other languages to Tolk en Vertaalcentrum Nederland (Centre for Translation and Interpretation). The cost price charged by Tolk en Vertaalcentrum Nederland will be passed on to you.

ISS Netherlands aims at handling as much cases as possible in the English language. Some countries do not offer any services in English (French-speaking countries, for example). Once you submit your request, ISS will let you know if the communication language will be other than English or Spanish.

You may choose to have your request submitted as a translation. If desired, you could complete the form ‘Verzoek om dienstverlening’ (Service Provision Request) in Dutch and send the translated version to ISS per e-mail, stating the name of the minor, the country in which the investigation has to take place and the date you sent in the Service Provision Request. It is also possible to indicate whether your organization will take care of a translation of the report into Dutch.


ISS Netherlands can not offer mediation services. Are you looking for a mediator with knowledge about and experience in the international field? Then, ISS would like to refer you to Mrs. K. Duell from MediationKit.