Assessing the situation of a child and/or parent abroad

We provide information about child protection and child abuse.

Following a request made by the Child Care and Protection Board, the Advice and Reporting Point for Child Abuse, the Youth Care Agency or other qualified organisations, reported cases of child abuse and requests to report on the child involved who is currently staying abroad can be passed on to the ISS branch of the country where the child is staying. This branch will then contact the child protection authority of the country involved.

Upon a request from the agencies mentioned above we may also notify our ISS branches when children who are under youth care protection (or who are giving cause for concern) move abroad. Our ISS branch in the relevant country will inform the child protection authorities about the child’s arrival. The local child protection authority may then investigate the living conditions of the child involved.

If desired, the requesting agency can receive a report of the assessment findings. Reports and requests for assessments need to be made in writing. The applicant should provide information about the persons involved as well as their backgrounds. When reporting a case, the applicant should mention explicitly that the object is to report a case and not to receive a report of the assessments findings.

In order for a report or a request for assessment to be considered the applicant must know about the whereabouts of the child in the country involved.