International Women’s Day and World Social Work Day

On March 8th the world celebrated International Women’s Day.  At ISS we joined that celebration by honoring the fact that we are an organization founded by women more than 90 years ago.  Even today over 70% of all ISS staff worldwide are women.  The foresight of our founding mothers and the professionalism and dedication of our current staff have been the cornerstone of the success of our organization.


ISS has been breaking new ground in social work, family reunification and child protection for nearly a century.  On March 17th we will celebrate World Social Work Day.  Our organization employs professional social workers in 120 countries around the globe.  When ISS was founded no one could have imagined that our professional reach would cover so much of the world.  Today more and more people are recognizing the need for a trained social work workforce, and ISS has benefited from the collaboration and cooperation of the growing numbers of social workers around the world.