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Cross-border child protection: legal and social perspectives

From  21 – 23 October there was an international  conference , Cross Border Child Protection, held in Genève, where ISS/Netherlands was represented. This conference  was an initiative of  ISS/IRC ( International Reference Centre) and  HCCH  ( Hague Conference on Private International Law).

The conference was well attended, with 279 delegates from 69 countries. including over 45 governments and  judges, academics, lawyers and others working in related fields.  The  Conference focused on the 1996 Hague Convention. Cross-border child protection, legal and social perspectives, towards a better protection of children worldwide. There was a separate Workshop on international family mediation, which was very successful.

For the Conference’s final Conclusions and Recommendations document:



New contact in Ethiopia for tracing cases

In June 2015 Fiom/ISS the Netherlands has come to an agreement with a new correspondent in Ethiopia. This correspondent has years of experience in the field of adoption. She can take on adoption related tracing cases.

The first case has been sent to her recently.

Costs for a tracing case in Ethiopia are (at the start) €425,- Additional costs that have to be made regarding tracing activities have to be paid by the client. The client has to give his/her consent for these costs before the correspondent can make them.

New publication ISS: Manifesto for Ethical Intercountry Adoption.

The Manifesto for Ethical Intercountry Adoption builds specifically on the underlying principles of the 1993 Hague Convention and seeks to promote ethical practices by all adoption stakeholders, whether in the receiving country or country of origin, to better protect all children.  ISS fully ackowledges that international texts such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the 1993 Hague Convention set out essential legal frameworks for the respect of children’s rights in intercountry adoption matters.  This guide is not in any way meant to replace these texts, but rather to offer an additional resource to the ever-changing landscape of international adoption, based on the organization’s exstensive experience and expertise in the field.

The Manifesto is available in English, French and Spanish.

CFAB 60 years!

On April 1, 1955 Children and Families Across Boarders (CFAB) was established as International Social Service UK (ISS UK). It supported the deserted wives and children of foreign servicemen who had been stationed in Britain during the war.

Over the years, the specific chanllenges ISS UK (now CFAB) is helping families overcome have changed. Their name changed. But their mission remained the same: to protect vulnerable children from the UK, or those who are now living there, who have been separated from their families because of conflict, trafficking, migration or familiy breakdown.

ISS Netherlands congratulates CFAB with its 60 years anniversary!

International Women’s Day and World Social Work Day

On March 8th the world celebrated International Women’s Day.  At ISS we joined that celebration by honoring the fact that we are an organization founded by women more than 90 years ago.  Even today over 70% of all ISS staff worldwide are women.  The foresight of our founding mothers and the professionalism and dedication of our current staff have been the cornerstone of the success of our organization.


ISS has been breaking new ground in social work, family reunification and child protection for nearly a century.  On March 17th we will celebrate World Social Work Day.  Our organization employs professional social workers in 120 countries around the globe.  When ISS was founded no one could have imagined that our professional reach would cover so much of the world.  Today more and more people are recognizing the need for a trained social work workforce, and ISS has benefited from the collaboration and cooperation of the growing numbers of social workers around the world.

New Guide to International Family Mediation

Resolving Family Conflict: A Guide to International Family Mediation is the first publication of its kind, intended for families around the world, regardless of their location or cultural identity.  Written and published by the International Social Service General Secretariat, it helps explains the way that family mediation can be used to protect the best interest of the child in circumstances involving two countries.

“It recommends international family mediation not as a miracle solution to all the problems that families face during separation across national borders, but as a simple, pragmatic and professional avenue of conflict resolution that ensures individual rights and complements any legal proceedings to settle the disputes.”

View the Flyer

For more information visit the newly updated ISS General Secretariat website.

Presidential recognition for the Executive Director of ISS Bulgaria, November 2014

Dr Sabina Sabeva, ISS Bulgaria Executive Director, was awarded the Honorary Sign of the Bulgarian Republic President as an activist in the area of children’s rights; this came on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Child Rights Convention!

Our warmest and wholehearted congratulations to you Sabina and To ISS Bulgaria team for this well deserved honor.