ISS in the Netherlands

There are no borders in social work. Due to the growing number of foreigners in the Netherlands and the fact that more and more Dutch people make social contacts abroad, social workers frequently encounter problems that literally go past our borders. Of course, it is impracticable for each of the welfare institutions in the Netherlands to maintain an individual and extensive network of international contacts. That is why there is an institution that specializes in this work. Anyone dealing with cross-border human issues can appeal to this institution. This institution is called International Social Service, an international organization with many branches, established in 1924. Since 1955, ISS also has a department in the Netherlands which has taken on a lot and very useful work – most of the time behind the scenes.

ISS offers help to anyone, regardless of their nationality, race, religion or political conviction and never takes sides in situations that call for mediation or service.

ISS Netherlands has been part of Fiom since 1 January 1999.

ISS Netherlands employs internationally oriented case workers and experienced and knowledgeable translators.